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Meet Two-Lives, a purpose-led company on a mission to tackle fashion waste head-on. Founded by the dynamic duo, Tina Lilienthal and Niklas Vila Karpe, Two-Lives is all about reimagining fashion sustainability in London and beyond. Their approach? It’s simple yet powerful: they’re all about reusing and upcycling textile leftovers, reprocessing unsold stock, and putting an end to deadstock. With a laser focus on reducing the staggering 92 million tons of textile waste generated yearly, Two-Lives isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement. Join them in reshaping the fashion industry, one recycled thread at a time.




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London, UK


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Despite their impactful efforts, Two-Lives faced a challenge in articulating their brand’s essence clearly. Their work transcended surface-level issues, focusing on real, sustainable solutions rooted in the slow movement ethos.

From reusing and upcycling textile leftovers to their commitment to reprocessing unsold stock, Two-Lives championed a creative approach to sustainability, aiming to heal the planet.

To amplify their impactful work, we collaborated on crafting a comprehensive brand book and strategy, capturing the essence of Two-Lives’ mission. Additionally, a tailored social media strategy was developed to share their authentic journey and engage with a broader audience.

Together, these initiatives propelled Two-Lives towards a clearer, more defined brand identity, empowering them to continue their transformative journey towards a more sustainable and ethical future for all.

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Since launching with their new brand strategy, Two-Lives has witnessed a remarkable impact. Through a slow but regular posting strategy and a deep understanding of their social pillars, they’ve amassed thousands of followers, nearly reaching the 10k milestone. This increased visibility has not only attracted new business but also allowed them to clearly communicate their services to potential clients. Most importantly, they continue to have a tangible impact on sustainability.

“our mission is to give textile waste a second life”

– Two Lives