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Creative Greta Madline and Photographer/Film Director Coco Olakunle met in Amsterdam during The Kennedys project, a creative incubator by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. Inspired by Alvaro Sotomayor’s words, “never ask what people do, ask what they love doing,” they started The SideCast—a podcast about passion projects.

In a generation driven by hard work, we often neglect personal projects that allow us to experiment and connect with diverse communities. The SideCast explores what inspires us to start projects with no material outcome, how to find time for them, and their impact on our lives. Join us for conversations with inspiring guests and photographic documentation of their creative journe


The Sidecast


client location:

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Greta Madline and Coco Olakunle noticed a common struggle among their peers: the lack of time and space for personal passion projects amid a generation driven by hard work and success. They wanted to explore what inspires people to start projects with no material outcome, how to balance them with work, and their impact on our lives. To address this, they created The SideCast, a podcast dedicated to these conversations. They needed a platform to share inspiring stories and document the creative journeys of their guests, highlighting the importance of reconnecting with personal passions.

Golas & take aways:

It would have been hard to imagine that I and Coco will start the morning with a glass of prosecco with Nusara Chinnaphasaen in her cozy home, dance in Chris Taylors living room while he’s jamming away, climb a tree with Andy Duncan and observe Cecilia Pignocchi as she graffities the walls of NDSM. We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that so many W+K employees have such interesting passion projects. This podcast gave us the opportunity to truly get to know people outside their work environments and learn about their passions, we appreciate it so much! 

“Talking with other people about their passions fueled our own creativity and inspired us to find time for our own personal ideas.”

– Coco & Greta


After each interview, we feel energized & always get into deep discussions about what we learned and how can we apply it. Talking with other people about their passions fueled our own creativity and inspired us to find time for our own personal ideas. We don’t have “big” future plans for The SideCast, to be fair I would never have expected it to go this far… We are currently recording season three in Bali and just finished recording season two with talent around the world! We are happy to keep doing it and we are hoping we get to do in in many different places around the world, meet loads of creative people & chat about their passion projects! Hopefully, people will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy making it!

The End:

Even though I recorded three more seasons, they never saw the light of day due to insufficient funding and the demands of maintaining real jobs. Coco and I had to stop The SideCast, but we both embarked on exciting trips and started other passion projects. We hope that one day we can pick up The SideCast and continue our adventure, sharing stories of passion projects and inspiring others to reconnect with what they love. Until then, our journey continues in new and creative ways.