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Together with Space Available, we re-branded the iconic Room 4 Dessert (R4D) in Ubud, led by Chef Will Goldfarb. R4D started in NYC, serving innovative desserts, bringing joy through fresh culinary experiences. The need for purpose brought them to Bali, where the connection between people, nature, and community reshaped their mission. Their edible garden grew, and their community widened. By forming a dialogue with the earth through desserts, surprising experiences, and education, they made people happy. This lifestyle, called ‘Botanical Modernism,’ puts people and nature at the center, offering experiences that nourish the soul.





client location:

Ubud, Bali


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Room 4 Dessert (R4D) sought to redefine their brand to better reflect their Bali-based mission and values. Despite their success in NYC, the move to Bali emphasized a deeper connection with nature and the community. They needed a brand identity that captured this shift and communicated their unique approach, ‘Botanical Modernism.’ Collaborating with Space Available, I helped create a cohesive brand that highlighted their commitment to sustainability, innovative desserts, and immersive experiences. The challenge was to develop a brand that seamlessly integrated their culinary creativity with their new focus on nature and wellbeing.


It has been the most fun working with Room 4 Dessert. It’s always more special when values align, and R4D’s commitment to sustainability, innovative desserts, and immersive experiences made this project unique. My biggest joy came from scanning real live plants and experimenting with their integration into design layouts. We also promoted R4D’s garden side, showcasing it to the public. This project allowed us to highlight their ‘Botanical Modernism’ approach. Thanks to the guidance of Creative Director Dan Mitchell, this project was truly a dream.

“The natural world wastes nothing, and we weave this circular process into everything we do.”

– R4D