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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Citrine specializes in designing and delivering epic events that serve as catalysts for culture. With a firm belief in the power of live moments of connection to shape culture, Citrine is on a mission to radically rejuvenate corporate life and culture. Their goal? To restore more fun, light, and joy to people’s days through unforgettable experiences. With multiple successful collaborations under our belt, I’ve had the privilege of helping Citrine rejuvenate their brand and engage with their clients through a playful and epic website design that truly represents their personality.




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Melbourne, Australia


Development by @StudioKalio

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When Citrine initially reached out, they were already making waves as event organizers in New York. However, their brand identity failed to capture the vibrant spirit that defined their work. Sensing the opportunity to bridge this gap, I collaborated with Citrine. We started by refining their pitch deck to perfect their sales strategy, then transitioned into web design and branding. The objective was clear: infuse their brand with the energy and essence that truly reflected their unique approach to event planning and culture-shaping experiences.

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Our collaboration with Citrine has been a series of exciting projects, and we look forward to many more in the future. As they continue to grow their business and expand their clientele, their new brand image and website are proving to be powerful assets, attracting the right people to their yard. It’s been a pleasure working with such an amazing and fun client, and we’re eager to see what new ventures lie ahead for Citrine.

Because how we spend our days, is how we spend our lives.

– Citrine