Greta Madline - Graphic Designer
Greta Madline - Graphic Designer


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Greta Madline
Greta Madline

My name is Greta.

I started as a freelance brand designer in a small town in Lithuania. Moved to the capital and got a sweet job offer from candyshop design studio. Luckily, got selected by W+K

Along the way helped my friend start a successful magazine about unconventional work, started a podcast, painted quite a few things in gold (and other colours), started writing, took some portraits, did some installations, done a documentary pitch deck (did many many many decks with ideas), worked with some amazing people, helped my friends accelerate their personal brands, educate kids about plastic, talk about creative living on stage, in radios, magazines (not yet on TV), lived in some great cities, got to be on a shoot, got to organise a shoot, got to write scripts, make costumes, hold cameras, look at the screen A LOT and then look some more.

Now? When people ask what I do, I say ‘Creative’. Yet, I’m an experienced Art Director and a Graphic Designer (the career advisor said, you have to specify if you wanna get hired). I have some diplomas that validate my creativity from Central Saint Martins in London and Leeds College of Art (name dropping, boom!)

Recently, I’ve been working freelance and I get hired to create ideas for social media adds and then direct them, make pitch decks, create idea decks for individual businesses on how they can improve their brand appearance, work as an Art Director in add agencies and I still get freelance design work. Call it whatever you want, I love it all and even more in good moderation. But don’t hire me for too long because I like to stay close to the ocean.

Stay Gold.

do good work