Shameless celebration of the millennial way of life.

We are millennials. We are obsessed with success. We want gratification, and we want it now. We are overqualified, underpaid and in debt. We suffer from more mental health issues than any other generation before. Yet, we are optimistic tech-savvyy inventors who are shaping the future of humanity.

We’re the most educated friggin’ generation that has ever existed, but some generations (not to name drop or anything) calls us lazy, privileged, and spoiled.

Yup, we are fine. And we’ll take no bullshit. We’re changing the conversation about environment, technology, body image, politics and whatever it is – we have a voice and we’ll make it heard.

We’re killing it with kindness, honesty and a bit of sarcasm. Basically, we are the best thing that has happened to the world so far.

As well, as all the great people that shared their ideas: Elizabeth Ananda, Janulis, Charlie Craiggs, Marija Kizytė, Justė Kulikauskaitė and Rasa Jusionytė.

  • Roles
  • Photographer – G.Skrabaitė
  • Model – A.Gerikaitė
  • Model – M.Bodendorfaitė
  • Model – M.Adomaitis
  • Model/make up – P.Mikulskytė
  • Model/make-up – D.Rostovskytė\
  • Documentation – L.Karsokas
  • Copy -E.Ananda