Gold Again is a supporting project for my dissertation. Sadly we had to cut the campaign in the process due to not being able to finish my dissertation on time otherwise. I did managed to get to know the insights of Kickstarter itself. I’m hopping in the future to be able to create and complete a successful Kickstarter campaign. This was an extremely interesting experience to me and hopefully all the people that participated. I was astonished by how many people participated acknowledging the fact that that it was done during the holiday season. Really grateful for that.

‘Gold Again’ is an installation project that would be created within an empty space or abandoned building in Leeds. The idea was to create the ‘every day’, ‘I’ve been here before’ living room space that people could associate but transform it by spraying every single thing there in gold. This would create an interactive space that would help them see everyday objects from a new perspective. We also aimed to raise awareness of the abandoned spaces in central Leeds that could be used for artistic or entrepreneurial purposes.

I have to thank a lot of people, probably too many to name them all here but you can have a look at the full team in the kickstarter profile.

  • Special thanx to:
  • Art Director – A.Ermenic
  • D.O.P – S. Sturgeon
  • Photographer – B.Rowntree
  • Event manager – M.Lesayova
  • and many many many more…