Snask is one of the most inspirational agencies I’ve ever laid eyes on. I clearly remember when John Watters introduced Snask to me hoping I would like them. At that point I couldn’t find ‘my place’ and felt really out of tune with where I stood as a designer. Snask were very different from anyone I’ve seen. They did quality work and always seem to have a great story to tell.

After reading their book ‘Make fans and gain enemies’ my eyes opened and I realized that ‘standard’ agencies are out of fashion and pretty much boring. I loved the enthusiasm and the braveness that they had. They were like rock starts of the design world. Ever since I started making holiday greeting videos for them – about them. It became like a habit ever since. Each year I try to make a Christmas greeting. I’ve just been having so much fun experimenting and always having a fun project to make at Christmas time – I’ll probably continue doing it until – I run out of ideas… (haha, never gonna happen) So these wishes are my way of saying thank you for all the inspiration they have given me and many others.