D&AD „Make Your Mark“ was only an excuse to create this installation video. This project in general was just an excuse to have loads of fun whiles creating something. „Fun“ and „design“ have become such separate words while I was in college so as a rebellious student I just had to bring them back together.

Probably I most enjoyed the company of the great creatives that have contributed to this project. Looking back now I think it was way too unrealistic and way too grand to actually even be complete it in the time that we had. + I had no idea what I really wanted this to be like. I just had this itch for one and a half years that I have to do this moving installation – so We did.

  • Roles
  • Art Direction – G.Madline
  • Engineers – M.Gailiusas & M.Weis
  • Camera – Yoni Cohen
  • Documentation – J. Mcloughlin
  • Music – G.Zapalskis
  • Special Thanks to „Fabric“ Studios & Matt Burton