Leeds Kirkgate Market has long been celebrated as the largest indoor market in Europe, but it’s not just the array of traders and products that set it apart as a truly unique shopping experience. Leeds flourished as a haven for shoppers from high street to high end, Leeds Kirkgate Market remains one of the city’s oldest and most important retail developments.

Leeds City Market development – brand is one of the most important marketing and development tools within the 21st century. In order for the market to stay fresh and noticeable. Brand that has already been set within the market itself needs to be obtained in the visual side of it as much as the cultural and historical.

To conduct some further research I went into the market and talked with people and sales men. While being there I started taking notes and came up with a catch phrase “Sensation Experience” we counted out 5 senses and decided to concept the logo with this phrase by trying to represent the Kirkgate market in 5 illustrations.

  • Roles
  • Design & Lettering – N.Dzavakwa
  • Direction & Photography – G.Madline