Greta Madline

My story

My name is Greta Madline. I’m 10% crazy, 60% creative and 30% gold (maybe a bit more of the gold).

So far I had a very exciting journey in the creative industries. I did a foundation year in London’s art University to be specific foundation in Art & Design in Central Saint Martins. Then something crazy tossed me towards Yorkshire and I ended up finishing (BA) Graphic Design in Leeds College of Art.

I hope you will enjoy my website. You can see  a variety of my work that I’ve done trough the years. Design Thinking is dedicated to all my client work and Golden Stuff is more about my passion projects.

I’m seeking new opportunities (especially if it includes projects with gold) – so if you are the right person who stumbled upon my website – don’t be a stranger. I might have been waiting for you all my life.



In the ancient world names were thought to be extremely powerful and to act as a separate manifestation of a person or deity. I believe (in the 21st century) a name can add to the overall visual identity of your brand.


I work closely with clients to bring out their brand personalities and help them tell their stories to their audiance. Each story is unique, intimate and requires a different approach. Connect with your inner brand and set it free.

Web Design

Combining creative thinking and the programming language, looking for barrios and trying to re-define them, it what makes this medium such an amazing canvas for storytelling.

Soc. Media 

Businesses never had such great opportunities to connect to their audiences pior to social media. Want to reach out and connect to your audiences? Leave it to me.  



Appreciate the process.


Gold? You got my attention.


Thinking hurts but it helps.


Hard work – brings good luck.


Show more love. Spread more joy.


Be present. Be yourself.


Idea is the foundation of good work.


In any project  look for personality.